Buying Your First Musical Instrument

As a parent of a child getting their very first musical instrument, or as a beginner to the world of playing music, purchasing your first instrument can be trickier then it first seems. Why so, one might ask. After all, it is simple; you walk into any music store, big retailer, or log onto any musical instruments website, find the specific instrument you were thinking of buying and that’s it! Not so fast.

Suppose you have settled on learning how to play the drums and you are ready to purchase your first very own drum set. Should you buy a three piece set or a five piece set? A ‘real’ set or a cheaper mimic? Go all out and purchase the real expensive, cool looking one?

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The Basic Tips and Guidance For Choosing a Musical Instrument

The beauty of music is a draw for many people and at all different ages. Some are children that start playing their instruments very young and seem professional by the time they are ten. There are late bloomers that begin in retirement deciding to begin playing something musical. So the question is what are the basic tips and guidance for choosing a musical instrument?

Of course you need to take a few things into consideration when you are getting ready to make that big step to finding the right musical instrument for you. Passion for it is the first thing you need. If you love the instrument and you are dying to play it then that may be the right item for you.

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Collecting Unique Musical Instruments

Those of us in western civilizations are accustomed to a large variety of instruments. However, there are many types of instruments that you will never see in any orchestra. They are, however, worth your consideration, both for their uniqueness of structure, but of sound.

One of the things that I really wanted to do in Borneo was bring home a number of the stringed instruments that I saw in the shops of Kuching, Sarawak – the sape. But, I did not have enough money at the time.The sape or sapeh is a guitar type instrument shaped somewhat more like a lute. It normally has four strings, but occaisionally has 3 or 5.

Several of the tribes in Borneo use this instrument. I saw one man in the Sarawak Cultural Village that made them. He gave us a short concert that was simply enchanting.The sound that was much more common in our travels in Sarawak was the combination of brass gongs and drums. The gongs are sold by Chinese traders up and down the rivers and so at least one set is found in every longhouse. A set of these gongs would be a good addition to any musical instrument collection.

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